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Karen Beyer began her stage career as a young ballerina in Nashville, TN, studying and performing with over a dozen dance companies along the East Coast from Florida to New York. 

Dance evolved into musical theatre and after moving to Atlanta, Karen branched into film, television and voice overs. 

On stage, she is best known for her Southern matriarch roles and has performed with: The Alliance Theatre, ART Station, Theatrical Outfit, Ansley Park Playhouse, Stage Door, Peachtree Playhouse and the McGinn/Cazale Theatre in New York.

Karen has over 30 years of dance experience in ballet, ballroom, contemporary and disco. From the late 70’s to the early 80’s, she and her disco partner won over 50 competitions. Karen has been the resident choreographer for ART Station for 17 years and their guest director for 8 years. Other choreography credits include: Disney, Theatre in the Square, Springer Theatre, Onstage, Stage Door, and Stone Mountain Park. 


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Press Reviews

  • Bluish (Alliance Theatre)

    Too bad she’s not on stage more…

    As Beth’s stepmother, Lane, Karen Uchida Beyer is a wonderfully syrupy, almost surreal Southern stereotype. Watch how she exudes dainty femininity and cluelessness with the simple cock of a shoulder. Too bad she’s not on stage more.

    Wendell Brock
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

    Ladyhood gone ballistic…

    Karen Uchida Beyer’s portrayal of Beth’s stepmother, Lane, just reeks of Piedmont Driving Club Southern ladyhood gone ballistic with some of the shows best lines.

    Suzi Brozman
    Atlanta Jewish Times

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Colquitt Miller Arts)

    Noteworthy performance:

    Karen Beyer’s perfectly pleasant voice and stern, but kind demeanor as Widow Douglas & Aunt Sally.

    Jaime Peck
    Albany Herald

  • Womenfolks (ART Station)

    Most mysterious…

    Beyer’s angsty interludes are the play’s most mysterious.

    Curt Holman
    Creative Loafing

  • Veranda 1 (14th Street Playhouse)

    Artfully Executed

    Veranda was artfully executed by Karen Beyer as the matriarch.


    A Well Rounded Comic Performance

    Karen Beyer, as the Mother, delivers the most interesting, theatrical job with a well-
    rounded comic performance.

    Atlanta Theatre Weekly

    Mixes it up to rich effect

    Karen Beyer’s Southern Baptist version of Martha Stewart mixes it up to rich effect.

    Dave Hayward

  • Veranda 2 (14th Street Playhouse)

    A hurricane with comic timing

    Karen Beyer as the family matriarch is like a force of nature when she takes the stage. Think of a hurricane with comic timing…

    Keith Hartman
    Etc Magazine

    Karen Beyer leads a likable cast as Sarah Edwards…

    Mark Binelli
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

    I especially adored Karen Beyer’s performance as Sarah Edwards, the family matriarch…”

    David Boswell
    Southern Voice


    Karen Beyer is divine in Veranda 2.

    Will Mullis
    Southern Voice

  • Veranda 3 (14th Street Playhouse)

    The backbone… of the play

    Beyer is the backbone of the family and of the play, a refreshingly game performer and tears into slapstick gleefully.

    Jim Farmer
    Southern Voice

  • The Limousine Ride (Peachtree Playhouse)

    Cult Status

    Beyer has achieved cult status for the recurring role of the Southern society matron in Veranda 1, 2 and 3.

    Tucker McQueen
    Atlanta Journal Constitution

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Photo by Tracy Bosworth Page
Photo by Tracy Bosworth Page
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Karen Beyer is a proud SAG-AFTRA and Equity member. She is represented by Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. (AM&T Agency), a full service talent agency in Atlanta, GA. For booking inquiries, call AM&T at 404.261.9627 or send an email to contact@amtagency.com

FLORIDA ONLY: Contact Brevard Talent Group at 407.841.7775.

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